Salmon Fishing Techniques

There are two main factors that make an angler successful in catching salmon. The first factor is the time of your line in the water. The longer it is there, the better. The next factor is individual skill or fishing technique. These are some of the things that we were shown while on vacation in some hotels in southern Utah.

Salmon fishing technique is all about figuring out where the salmon are hiding, when to fish at a specific spot and choosing the best type of tackle or bait and which lure to go for.

Those are not all the techniques you need though, there are many others out there and the results they give do vary. Some techniques may be useful for some people and not for another batch of anglers. In order to know which techniques will work for you, it is best if you can experiment and enjoy each experience.

Salmon fishing in a cedar city hotelPhoto Credit: HolmisticWalker

Here are some of the basic salmon fishing tips and techniques that you can try out:

  • Plug trolling is a very effective way either you are fishing in saltwater or in freshwater. This is actually the top technique when salmon fishing during the early season.
  • River fishing is a favorite of sport anglers because of the fact that they can use a lot of different techniques.
  • Jigging for salmon is good in freshwater and it is becoming a famous choice for anglers who seek the very elusive steelhead species.
  • Gear up for salmon fishing. Gearing up is a very important step. Professional anglers have no problem with that, gearing up is like second nature to them. For the beginners though, it is important to make sure that every gear required is with you before starting out. It is a very bad thing to be prepared in the water only to realize that you are one lure short.
  • Bait fishing is still the most proven successful way to catch salmon, both in saltwater and fresh water. You have to make sure first though, the bait fishing or bait casting is allowed in the area you intend to fish.
  • Try to pick a naturally lighted spot. Good sunlight is necessary in order for you to clearly see where the salmon are. Visibility is important because you will want the fly to be resting perfectly and directly above where the fish is. This is important because salmon are lazy species and they are more prone to rise to the fly if it is not moving around.
  • Once the salmon has risen, do not panic or else you might lose it. Let the fish ride and dance according to its rhythm. Move along with it and try to keep it moving. Letting the fish rest will give its strength back. It must be understood that salmon may be lazy but they the strong species too. If you give them the chance to rest and get their strength back, then you are giving them the chance to escape.

Finally, once you got the salmon, knock it out and draw the blood out immediately. Knocking out is a way of relieving the fish of too much suffering and drawing out of blood gives better flavor once the fish is cooked.