20 Family Vacation Fishing Tips

Have you ever thought about going on a family fishing trip? There are so many family vacation ideas out there that it’s hard to narrow them down to exactly which is the best and most fun for you and your family, but fishing together ought to be on the list. And if so here are some tips on how to do it right.

Fish Rock Cave EntrancePhoto Credit: Tony Brown

1. The fish are in the water, logs, cavities. The structures meeting these sites must lure away from launch. If you do not get to these points, the odds are very low in fishing.

2. A decoy should be of good quality. Movement and job design t is very important. Each of the decoys has its ways of working and not all species follow the same types of lures or working depths. In this, we must take care of such aspect. If you know the fish is moving in the deep layer of water, deep lures may be needed. If hunting is the response, fish on the surface or half surface of the water.

3. One of the things my teacher taught me is that the fishing lure in contact with water in the rivers should begin to move. The reason for this is that it is easy to confuse the predator when the lure seems to be an animal that falls in the water and wants to escape.

4. Hooks must always be sharpened in a triangular shape and the rings should be of good quality, because these are the ties that hold the fish to the line.

5. When fishing, we have to go to places where people are not fishing there are few fishes frightened to the string. Search areas where it is quiet.

6. As for the colors of the lures, you can use dark lures in turbid waters because they are more visible to fish in clear water and any kind of lure colors with clarity because there is no problem for the fish to see the color of the lure.

7. Spearfish in a river as close to the opposite shore. Besides, the fish does not see that you are in an environment where he can only attack without danger to himself.

8. The working angle of a lure is important, in other words you should address the lure rod to most appropriately work without forcing the angle the better the performance of the lure in the water.

9. The lure must vibrate, rotate or move well in the water according to its characteristics. If the movement is not good, it will not attract fishes. In other words, if the lure is almost motionless as dead, it is less likely to be attacked.

10. The fishing line is very important. The thinner, the more likely to bitten.

11. There are some lures like spoons that require the use of swivels, so it does not torche the rope.

12. The suggestion in Costa Rica are rods that are 5 `6″ or baitcasting reels 6′pies to the river and 6’6 “for spinning torque river. Offshore rods of 6’6 “or 7 ‘foot in both modes. My advice is better performance is based on durability and efficiency.

13. Fishing equipment should always be in the best conditions. The reel must be super finely tuned because this ensures that it will not fail at the time when a big fish is caught.

14. Whenever the reel must go to 1/3 of the maximum line resistance, it is preferable to work a little smoother than the reel to brake very tense because it can not crack the line.

15. Try not to wear clothes of striking contrast. You must go unnoticed to optimize the chances of fishing.

16. The sinking feeling in the hand must be trained so that at least some contact with the lure response is generated instantaneous coupling.

17. All stores bring good strings and is just a matter of taste. The river recommends for 10 pounds and 12 pounds and to mark the option of braided or twisted lines with equivalent diameter.

18. It never hurts to take a couple of loads of rope reel if you have trouble popping the string. It happens a lot in our rivers. A cord reel should always have enough launch and operate confidently in fishing.

19. The fish are unpredictable most of the time. You must always be alert for the pin.

20. Never leave without your life jacket. Your life depends on it and there is much life than fish.